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1.21 ''Prom'' trailer
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1 Upsorn   (2012-06-14 5:04 AM)
Britanny,It is when we are like this, when we feel totally clsoed off and lost, that God can reach down into our souls and point us toward what He knows would really help us the most.Perhaps, since there seems to be no church for you and no premade way of ministrying, God is pointing you toward finding other people who feel the same and trying to pull you all together to minister to each other, and not in a formal church at all. And/or, perhaps, you are being pointed toward starting a new ministry of some sort yourself or with others. These are just thoughts. What I do know is that you are where God knows you can do the most good for yourself and others right where you are. I do not know what direction that will be; I just know it is so.Scott

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